Rene is a Texan-turned-New Yorker, drawn to the city by his affection for people-watching, music, architecture, and multiculturalism. He cites some of literature and film’s most neurotic characters as inspiration for becoming a psychotherapist, and enjoys interacting and helping his clients get to deeper places of self-awareness.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in private practice, Rene provides services to people from diverse backgrounds. His specialties include treating individuals who identity as LGBTQ, and those from multicultural backgrounds. He has extensive experience helping people going through phase of life issues — like breakups or divorce — in addition to trauma, depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety.

Rene values learning, and actively works at deepening his expertise through ongoing education.  He is currently working towards certification in peripheral biofeedback, and hopes to incorporate biofeedback and mindfulness practices to help sufferers of anxiety, panic attacks, and PTSD.   He’s completed trainings with numerous organizations and institutions, including Columbia University, the American Counseling Association, New York University, and the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy.